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Urban Street Football invites you to join our Five A Side Football Community. Urban Street Football is based on the concept of street football and has been a great medium for Socializing.There is a diverse group that comes from all over the world and have become part of this community. 

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The six things that happen when you jOIN US

Meet New People

You will meet people from all over the world.We all have the same interests and definately enjoy coming together.The best way to meet friends if your not into pubs and nightclubs is to play a sport that breaks the ice.

Enjoy a weekly Workout

Obviously as we get older we will have more responsibility, and time becomes more constraint, we as humans need a healthy lifestyle. This can enhance your lifestyle through playing the sport.

Improve your mental Health

Most people these days live under immense stress and this is a great way to run off any depression or frustration. As we know our brain releases endorphins, which boost the pleasure side of our brain. We could boost our mentality through playing sport.

Improve your lungs

As we know this sport developes great cardio through the movements and running. This is a great way to get the cardio going if you are a person that doesnt like Gyms.

Improve your Strength and speed

Through the motions and movements that we use in Football there are alot of benefits when increasing personal endurance, speed and strength without lifting a weight or doing tedious gym excercises.

Have Fun

YOU HAVE SO MUCH FUN PLAYING FOOTBALL WHILE MEETING PEOPLE...... Yes thats correct. meet friends from all ove r the world.while having FUN.