1) About us

Football the ultimate gift to all of us. There are many benefits to playing football whether your young and full of energy or almost at 50.

Urban Street Football cater for all ages which makes this a significant sporting venue with and amazing club with may excellent facilities.

The nature of this business and principle activities involves the conversion of the two football courts into the establishment of a fully operational outdoor Futsal & Street Football arena.

This will be achieved by the income from socials, industrial, corporate, ladies, and Junior Street Soccer & Futsal Leagues, Youth Development Programs, adverting boards, league naming rights, venue hire as well as other possible forms of revenue.

This business model is suitable for all ages as well as other related sporting activities. We strive to develop the structure further into a destination.

With a lucrative market at our disposal and the correct structures put in place, we can exponentially grow and develop this business venture, while giving back to the local and surrounding communities.

The objective is to develop Futsal and Football players through intensive training programs while also providing a social environment for everyday Joes to come play a game and meet up with friends.

This will be done through various annual outreach programs, structured youth development academies and coaching programs, which run professionally and primarily focus on developing young football players in our country.

We will be hosting monthly events in direct conjunction with the club. There will be various benefits available at Goodwood Sports Complex so don’t Hesitate to become a member.

Get your warpaint on…..Bring on the street

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