USF Football Club



USF FC Launched in August 2020 and are participating in the GAFA League which is hosted in Tbilisi. 

As all teams we have aspirations for promotions and further development and will be in the proscess off developing this program. 

The Objective is to grow and develop future young Talent through the IFA which will be launched in 2021.

The IFA is the Internal Football Academy which will focus on developing the future of the club providing a platform for the growth.

 The overall goal for 2020 is to build and to prepare for the development of Further projects. 

Urban5treet started in 2019. The community has been playing          5 A-side, 8 A-side football. We have various concepts which we participate in. 

Winner Stays On: Teams are formed and there are generally 3 or four teams . Time Limit : 7 Minutes winner stays on .

Urban5treet is build on the concept of futbol and has a strong international group of players that play football on a weekly basis.

The concept is for social integration into Tbilisi for all foreigners and locals. This is a great way to participate in the development of friendships.

Joga Bonito : Definition -The concept of returning football to its high and honorobal state.

Urban5treet has got support from Cyber Secure Central and there has been a positive partnership for Urban5treet. 

Other Events

Urban5treet has hosted various competitions and represents all formats of football. The competition below was a five a side league that was sponsored by Cyber Secure Central and was a huge success. the final was between USF and the Sponsors team Cyber Secure Central. USF came out Victorius in the end.

Grand Final


11 : 6


Winner takes it all: CUP and 500 GEL