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OUR football gallery 2019-2020

Urban Street Football launched in 2019, and is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Community has grown dramatically and has been involved in many  events. Urban Street Football together with Cyber Secure Central  launched the Tech Jobs Super Cup which was a Five A Side League sponsered by Cyber Secure Central.

 Urban Street Football team beat Cyber Secure central in the Final.The football was entertaining and the experience was well documented. Football reaches worldwide and it has a huge impact on all communities. The best way to impact communities is through sport as it creates opportunity and brings a positive focus on football players lives. 

Urban Street Football leagues and five a side football social games are held on a regular basis and focuses on bringing people together on a regular basis.The community covers a wide variety of expats and locals and we all participate in order to break the ice and find your feet in Tbilisi. 

Football is a great way to build a healthy lifestyle as it not only assists in weight loss, cardio, and endurance, but has a variety of benefits such as the social and pshycological aspect. making friends and enjoy leisure through a sport based platform.

see gallery below…FOOTBALL IS FOR ALL !!!

Football Gallery 2019-2020

Urban Street Football play 8 v 8 every Saturday and Sunday at 27 Simon Chikovani Street, Tbilisi, Georgia…Its Multicultural and the atmosphere has been amazing.

Urban Street Football’s winner stays on tournament at 27 Simon Chikovani Street, Tbilisi, Georgia..and the Techjobs Super Cup Champions 2019

Urban Street Football’s 7 v 7 Football Socials. These football socials are played weekly for the less serious footballers.

Urban Street Football’s Sunday Socials are played at 27 Simon Chikovani Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.


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