Our Partners

Urban Street Football has a few sponsorship partners that have made a huge impact on our plans.

We Want to thank

Jigglr is a Dating App with a gaming dimension. Jigglr was launched in 2020 by Cyber Secure Central on the IOS platform.Don’t Hesitate to explore the concept, Cause everyone needs a supporter in the stand……..USE JIGGLR

Jigglr will be launching the andriod version of the app in December 2020.




About our Sponsors

Cyber Secure Central is a tech company that is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.The business is Diverse and covers all bases from DATA Science to Web developer.

 Cyber Secure Central have assisted Urban Street Football with the running of Five a side football leagues and have assisted in ways. Urban Street Football recieve support for the development of many different projects.

They have several Courses available which will enhance your career as well as very platforms they focus on. 


This is an innovative Job search site that focuses on the provision of Tech jobs WORLDWIDE. The focus is mainly on providing jobs and given opportunities to search for employees within the Tech industry. There are other opportunities however the focus is on Tech jobs.

Urban Street Football have again benefited through assistance when this website was launched.


Cyber Secure Central have extended the development of the Web Development portfolio through the development of their very own dating app. 

The dating app is dynamic and features a breaking the ice feature through questions and interaction through social experiences.

This is definately one to look out for.



Humanity First is an International NPO that assists families who are in need . They deliver food parcels and assist where people are  need. For more information contact :

Mohsin Tahir  – +44 7534 655 229 | Jawad Butt – +995514669889

Facebook @HumanityfirstGE