USF Football Team

USF FC is currently participating in the Georgian Amateur Division. The objective is to get promotion and build a platform for an Academy to develop in in the future to strengthen the changes of developing the foundation required.

From top left to right : Patrick Robb | Osama Khalifa  | Yazzan Hindi |Kelvin Otabor | Tyrone Koller | Touhami Mgafad | Nick Lawrence | Moustafa Abdelazim|  kay Akinbode  | Irakli Kervialishvili | Mario Wilhelm From bottom Left to right: Bebo |Mohsin Tahir | Ashot Akapov | Jake Hammond | Mohammed Momdouh | Younis Lechkar 

 NOT PRESENT Kamal Fatalizade | Jimmy Grant | Emre Caylak

Game 1 - USF vs Didgori FC

The first game we played as a squad had some good moments and some sketchy moments. The first half we were extremely nervous and didnt know what to expect. We consolidated well for 30-35 minutes then conceded a goal through a laps of concentration.

The second half was better and we had a penalty disallowed as well as a goal. this was a good gauge on what is needed and we were extremely positive despite the result.

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